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Fonts alone can totally change the vibe of your branding!

Take the example of “The Kind Shop.” The title “The Kind Shop” in the first font looks like it could be a kid’s shop or a female boutique. In the second font, it comes across more as something like a record store.

My #1 tip to DIY your branding is this:

If you do not have the money to invest in branding at this time at least invest in a unique font for your business. 

This will 100% instantly elevate your branding.

Personally, I LOVE browsing on Creative Market to find fonts for my clients. You can find some of my current favorite fonts on my Resources page!

By doing this one thing you will elevate your business and step apart from the thousands of companies using fonts from Canva in their branding.

Once you pick a brand font you love stay consistent! Use it on Instagram, your website, and even your logo! 

How to Pick a Your Brand Font

Step 1. Start by choosing the main font that fits in with your branding. If you’re lost and you need a place to start, go to Pinterest and type in some keywords like edgy font or boho font. This way, you have an idea of what you might be looking for.

Step 2. Find a place to purchase your main font. There are great free and paid for sources to buy your fonts.

Best free font store:
Adobe Fonts (if you have Adobe subscription)
Font Squirrel

Best paid font store:
Creative Market

Step 3. Next, chose a secondary font that goes well with your first font choice. I like to recommend choosing a font that looks like it is going to the same party as your first font. Here are some tips!

How to install purchased fonts to your computer

How to install purchased fonts to your computer
  1. Download the font files, they will most likely be in a .zip file
  2. Unzip the file by right-clicking the .zip folder and then clicking Extract
  3. Open up your Fonts Control Panel
  4. Drag your fonts from the unzipped folder to the Fonts Control Panel

If you have Canva Pro you can upload your newly purchased font right into the platform!

How to install purchased fonts to your Canva Pro account

How to install purchased fonts to your Canva Pro account
  1. From the homepage side panel, click Brand
  2. Under Brand fonts, click  Upload a font
  3. Select the file to upload, and click Open
  4. Confirm and wait for the upload to finish

Bonus tip

If finding the perfect font pairing is hard for you, you can even type in search terms like “font duo pack” on Creative Market. This will help you have a primary font and a secondary font you automatically know work together! 

***Izzy does receive a small payment from Creative Market when you use the links I have provided. I honestly recommended Creative Market so much I decided to join the affiliate program. Regardless, I would still recommend browsing the font choices on Creative Market if I were an affiliate or not!

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