If you can’t get ahold of me, I’d like to think I am out somewhere climbing mountains.

(Both metaphorically and literally)

After finding that my values in life did not connect with the the social media tech industry I was working in, I decided to ditch the normal 9-5 to pursue a passion filled career aiming to help driven entrepreneurs make a difference! 

Hey there,
I'm Izzy Waite!


To amplify the voices of values-based entrepreneurs and create positive impact through creative design.


to opening Izzy Waite Design

from a North dakota girl

During college, I juggled being on the track team, a business degree, a design degree, and my ongoing internship.  Sometimes I look back and I have no idea how I did that! 


I attended the University of North Dakota where I met my  boyfriend, Tyler, on our second day on campus.

Aug | 2015 

I was born and raised in the town of Fargo, ND. Yes... like the movie!😜 

May | 1997

Snowboarding behind 4-wheelers in the winter, mud fights by the pond in the summer. Growing up in the Waite household was always an adventure.


A true dream internship working in Aspen, CO at the Aspen Institute. My summer was spent meeting and learning from some of the greatest minds of our generation! 


Work! Work! work! My first design internship. I learned so much in this first position, It is truly where I fell in love with design.  

Summer 2018

 I spent the summer of '17 working and living on the boardwalks of Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.

Summer 2017

I was let go on NYE. I cried for about an hour before I realized this meant I got to start 2021 off with a clean slate. 

Dec | 2020

I started to feel the rinse-and-repeat cycle of the 9-5 life. I was miserable in this position. I kept telling myself that it was going to get better and to stick with it even though my values did not align with this company. 

NOV | 2020

I found a remote job and ended up moving down to Rochester, MN where Tyler was living and working at the Mayo Clinic. 

Aug | 2020

I was set to graduate and had plans to travel! But as you might have guessed I ended up graduating in my parent's living room and moving back home. Thank you, Covid! 

May | 2020 

I finally got my life back! I hit year 1 of business feeling grateful for the progress I had made in Izzy Waite Design and in my mental health.

May | 2022

I started traveling and freelancing. I realized there were amazing entrepreneurs out there doing good things they just needed a little design help to stand out. 

Jan | 2021 

Tyler and I bought our first house together in MN where we live with our two fur babies. Ringo, our original orange cat and Dusty, our newly taken-in stray cat. 

Aug | 2022

I officially filed for an LLC and opened Izzy Waite Design full time. I was lit up and excited to work on my impact in the world. 

May | 2021 

Podcast appearances


     Leave the planet better than I found it.
     Always stay authentic.
     Lead with honesty.
     Have compassion for others.
     Be forever curious.
     Find the adventure in every day.

I love my new website!!! It's clearly been created by a professional. It looks polished but manages to capture my vision and personality so well. Not to mention, the web copy template was INCREDIBLE and made it so easy to create a clear, consistent message throughout my site.

To this! 

Holly Skog

Happy Books Solutions | Branding & Website in a Week

"Izzy makes the process of branding and web design into a piece of cake!

From this

and I wanted something that better represented me. Izzy was able to ask me questions that allowed me to dig deeper, to define what I wanted to convey to clients."

To this! 

Melinda Thompson

Paths to Healing | Branding, website design, & photography

"I had a website that was no longer aligned with my work

From this

I had a vision in my mind and an aesthetic that I didn’t know how to put in words. I wanted to avoid a boxy and corporate looking website.  Izzy was able to take the essence of who I am and what I wanted and add her unique skills to tastefully create the piece of art I wanted as my website!

To this! 

Saren Eads

A Balanced Practice | Branding, website design, & photography

"She has a skill of taking my personality and essence and putting it into a visual representation and brand! 

From this

I was impressed over and over again at how organized and simple Izzy made each throughout the process. Branding and Website in a Week is such a brilliant and excellently executed concept. Izzy created a visually stunning website and branding package in a week. I am still in awe of how she did it! 

To this! 

Candice Powers

Powers Purchasing | Branding & Website in a Week

"Just do it!!

From this

It perfectly captures how I want people to see me and get to know me and my business. Izzy's whole process is down to a science! She doesn't waste one second but it also feels so comfortable and easy. Like having coffee with a friend but getting a majorly cool branded website out of it.

To this! 

Cassie Bentley-Bradshaw

Copywriter | Branding & Website in a Week

"I LOVE my new website. It feels SO me!

From this

Izzy took my boring ideas and transformed them into a beautiful interactive experience on my website (which my website visitors LOVE)! She helped me get out of my own way, to let go of what I felt I “needed” to do, and encouraged me to do what I “wanted” to do.

To this! 

Patty Beck

A Balanced Practice | Branding, website design, & photography

"Izzy's experience and creativity helped bring my vision to life!

From this

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