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Understanding Happy Books Solutions

Creating a website and brand design for Happy Books Solutions starts with getting to know their business. This means researching their current customer base, understanding their current brand identity and positioning, and learning how their competitors approach the same problem. Doing so not only helps uncover new opportunities but also reveals important insights regarding customer preferences and brand traits that should be incorporated into the website and brand design.

After some industry research, I spent an hour or so on a call with Holly, the owner of Happy Book solutions, to get a deeper understanding of her values, mission, and passion.

Creating the new brand and website design

Next, it’s important to consider the customer experience. Customer journey mapping can be an effective tool for understanding the customer experience and uncovering potential gaps or opportunities for improvement. The goal of this exercise is to identify customer needs, wants, and pain points, as well as how these could be addressed through design. For example, customers may need an easy-to-use website and clear navigation options, while they may have specific preferences regarding colors, textures, and fonts that should be incorporated into the design.

Once the customer journey mapping has been completed, it’s time to create a strategy for the website and brand design. This includes deciding on a creative concept and key messaging, as well as selecting a color palette, typography, and other elements that will help create a consistent visual identity for Happy Books Solutions. Additionally, as per the principles from Breakthrough Advertising, it’s important to include strong copywriting that speaks directly to the customer and presents an emotional connection to the brand.

In Brnadin and website in a week I created tools to help my clients write covering website copy! Each client receives a free copy of my Website copy template to help get their ideas to words. Holly said this about the template: “the web copy template was INCREDIBLE and made it so easy to create a clear, consistent message throughout my site.”

Launch by Friday!

Finally, once the website and brand design have been completed, we launched Happy Books Solutions’ new brand and website! Holly was extremely happy with how the website turned out, she said “Prior to working with Izzy, my website was a DIY Squarespace site I had thrown together in a couple weekends. It was fine and got the job done, but I frankly had no clue how to put together an effective website. I wasn’t entirely sure what to include (and what not to include), and I couldn’t quite seem to make my website be what I wanted it to be. Izzy makes the process of branding and web design into a piece of cake for a business owner. Even the most daunting task (writing all of the web copy) was broken into manageable steps with helpful tips to guide me. And even when I managed to skip a step or miss something, Izzy worked with me so kindly to make sure it got taken care of. I am very, very happy with my web design investment, and I think anyone else would be too!”

Holly was a dream to work with in my new offer called Branding and Website in a Week.

you can find her new website here at:

Branding and Website in a Week

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