Branding and Logo Design for Minnesota Nonprofit ‘Project 412’


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I am so excited to share with you all the branding and logo design I created for my latest Bold Brand Buildout client, Project 412.

Project 412 is a new nonprofit organization in the Detroit Lakes area of Minnesota, US.

Logo design ideas not created by Izzy Waite Design. These are 4 logo mock ups the team at project 412 had used to start developing what they were looking for.
Original logo ideas the team at Project 412 had come up with

Learning about Project 412

When this team first came to me they had A LOT of ideas and directions for where they wanted to take their branding. They had mocked up a few basic logo ideas before coming to me. You can see in the photo above what the team was originally thinking for a logo design.

I spent a few hours with the team on a zoom call where I got to ask them questions about their values, the mission of Project 412, and how they wanted others in the community to see them.

A few things they repeated to me often were wanting to:

⭐ Look professional and modern
⭐ Feel polished and approachable
⭐ Reflect the lakes area and community
⭐ Create an elevated vibe

Original mood boarding and color brainstorming

The branding process

Then it was my job to look inside the mind of this team and establish a logo, pick colors, find fonts, and create the master planning behind how their brand should look, act, and feel.

I sent the team a few iterations of mood boards, color options, and font choices until we found a set that perfectly captured the spirit of Project 412

Final mood board, colors, and fonts that were chosen by the team

Logo Design

Then the fun of logo design started! This was an interesting process as I had an entire team of individuals that all had to love the end logo. As you can imagine there were often split opinions I worked around.

Taking in multiple opinions I spent plenty of time in Adobe Illustrator mocking up different logo designs.

The larger photo above is a screen grab from behind the scenes while I was working in Adobe Illustrator to create a logo design. I made many logo variations and in the end, I chose my three favorites to present to the team. We went back and forth a few different times until we landed on a logo we all thought conveyed the values of Project 412.

Final Logo

In the end, we decided to create a logo with a modern but youthful serif font and pair it with this box/wave icon. The idea behind the icon was to incorporate the waves of the Minnesota lake area and mix in the idea of “thinking outside of the box.”

I am very excited to see Project 412 take off as they continue to make big waves in their community.

Let’s hear it in the comments for Project 412!

Part of the final rand guidelines for Project 412

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You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. Now it’s time for people to connect with your work, but first, they need to see YOU. Let me help you be SEEN.

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