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Guest blog by Cassie Bentley-Bradshaw

You know how when you get a haircut and finally someone notices and says those coveted words, “Did you get your hair cut?!” and for a moment you are completely on cloud nine? That’s been me this week because ya’ll, I got a new website and she is chef’s kiss.

This week I got to experience the new Branding and Website in a Week service with Izzy of Izzy Waite Design. And ya’ll, I am absolutely blown away by my new website. It’s sleek and professional and communicates the important, “Hey, I actually know what I’m doing and you should hire me,” but it’s also so very me. My personality and style are infused to every aspect of my new website and I am extremely proud to direct people to my new homepage.

The Science of Branding & Website in a Week

Izzy has the whole process of building a whole website in a week down to a science. I was shocked at how quickly she was able to turn around something so completely customized! In the first step of the process, I got to choose from three different templates for my site. The word template doesn’t do it justice though because I used a template when I built my original website annnnnd yikes…let’s just say, it looked like a template. Izzy’s templates though are more like the foundation for beautiful, user friendly design. I loved starting the process by picking my template because it saved me so much time during the actual design week. I knew from the beginning that my site would have great bones and Izzy was going to customize it to show my brand’s story and so we didn’t have to go back and forth about every little detail.

Before our week of designing my new brand and website, Izzy sent me some homework to prepare. Izzy broke everything down into small steps and created a video tutorial to show me how to use all of the platforms we’d be working on together and exactly how to complete each step. To get ready for our week, I sent Izzy branding photos, my website copy, links to my existing site, and links to my social media. Even though no one likes homework, frontloading all of this work ended up saving us both a ton of time so I could get my branding guide and website quickly.

Kicking Things Off

We kicked off our exciting week of rebranding my biz by meeting on Zoom to discuss my business, my ideal clients, and my goals for my website. Izzy asked really specific questions to truly understand who I am, what I do, why I’m doing it, and most importantly, who I’m doing it for.

After chatting with Izzy about my business for about an hour, we then moved into creating a mood board for my site. To be honest, I was skeptical about this mood board. It seemed like a waste of time to sit and look through Pinterest together, but it actually turned out to be one of my favorite steps in the process. What was so great about it was it gave me the opportunity to really communicate my likes and dislikes and Izzy got to ask questions as we went to really understand my vibe. I’m pretty animated and wear my emotions on my sleeve, so when she saw me actively recoil at some of the color schemes, fonts, and patterns, she really understood what I absolutely hated (sorry, Izzy!).

The next day, Izzy sent over two mood boards for me to choose from. Both featured color palettes, font ideas, images, and patterns and both were equally stunning. It was obvious just from the mood board alone that Izzy has an easy way of understanding her clients and really just gets people. Seriously sometimes all I could articulate to her were sentences like, “Ummm, this yellow is too yellow, ya know?” And guess what? She knew! I felt so seen and understood by looking at the mood boards that I just knew what she was about to create for me was going to be fire.

Once I picked a direction for design, Izzy got to work on my site. I picture her at her computer morning noon and night because I truly still cannot fathom how else she could create such a perfect website absolutely customized for my business and personality in such a short time. We had periodic check-ins about font styles (shockingly I dislike almost all fonts, but she never gave up on trying to find the perfect ones for me, and now I’m obsessed with the fonts in my brand guide!), colors, patterns, and a few other things that I had forgotten to include when doing my homework (oops!). Izzy made me feel at ease by checking in and asking for my feedback. She’s the design expert, but she made me feel very involved in creating the virtual home for my business.

The New Branding and Website

Once I got the preview, my jaw dropped. I immediately sent the link to my bestie, who said, “That is SO you!” And seriously, it is. I feel like Izzy captured my personality and mission for my business as if we’re lifelong friends. Everything from the layout and design features to the color palettes and fonts she helped me select are perfect and illustrate Izzy’s sharp eye for detail.

I’m so happy with my new website and the process of Website in a Week. Izzy exceeded all expectations! I have a beautiful new website, a stunning logo, a super handy brand guide that I’ve already used 15 million times, and I’m ready to start a new business and do the process all over again!

My Website Design Before and After

Home page design before and after. This is a side by side comparison of what Casies Home page looked like before and after branding and Websites in a week.
Cassie Website design before and after

My Bestie said to me “That is SO you!”

Thank you Cassie for sharing your experience!

Cassie was a dream to work with in my new offer called Branding and website in a week. I want to take a second to thank her for being kind enough to write a guest blog post about her experience. Thank you, Cassie!!

Cassie is a gifted copywriter specializing in personality-packed website copy, email marketing, and content marketing.

you can find her new website here at: https://cassiebentleybradshaw.com/

Branding and Website in a Week

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