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First impressions are everything. Your website is your chance to tell your brand story the way you want to be heard. It’s arguably one of the most important ways you get to communicate to your audience. It should make your customers excited to get to work with you and intrigued to learn more!

But creating your website should not become your full-time job. So many people want to DIY their website, and it winds up eating up so much of their time. And the longer people are directed to your website only to see a “Coming Soon” banner, the more clients and more money you are losing. Your time is precious, so that’s why I created my new Website in a Week service. This service gives you a logo, branding guide, and a beautiful website that’s customized just for you in only one week! Imagine having a custom website you’re proud to send your customer by Friday without having to spend any time messing with a website template or trying to teach yourself to code.

Coming soon just became coming now.

I can already hear you breathing a sigh of relief!

Branding and Website in a Week

Let’s talk about the process for this service.

My Website in a Week package starts with three Showit website templates to choose from. This allows you to have a clear picture of what your finished design could look like and it gives me a clear picture of what aesthetic you’re envisioning for your website. But the design doesn’t just stop with choosing a template. We start the week with a branding call and a celebration (because a new look calls for a party!) where I get to know you and your mission driven business and your preferences for design. I take all of that and your selected template and get to work completely customizing the design just for you.

Hey There Delilah

One of the templates available for you to choose from for Website in a Week is Delilah. I think I
might have said this about every template available in my package, but I really think Delilah might be my favorite. She’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. There’s a fun little surprise feature at seemingly every turn. She is just perfect for so many creatives and solopreneurs. Whether you’re a photographer, copywriter, graphic designer, yoga instructor, or life coach, Delilah could be the perfect starting place for your new show stopping website.


The homepage for Delilah is just chef’s kiss As soon as your prospective new customer lands on your homepage, you get to start telling your story with a short bio, a summary of your three top services, a link to your freebie or client management software, testimonials, and space for you share how you’re about to change their life (Yes! Your business is about to change their life!) and a final call to action so people know exactly what you need them to do.

My favorite part of the homepage of Delilah is the menu. Sounds simple, right? I assure you, it’s not. One click on the menu button reveals a full-screen slide-in menu with a beautiful image of you, your product or service in action, or whatever else tells your story.

About Me

People buy products and services from people. Your people want to get to know you, and the About Me page of my Delilah template artfully lays out all of the parts of your story. At the top of the About Me page a bio blurb is a big, bold feature seen first before a timeline shares how you got started and how you ended up where you are today. Testimonials and a call to action round out the About Me page because once people know you and hear from others about how you’vehelped solve their problems, they’re going to want to get started!


The services page is designed to get people interested in knowing more. You have space to talk about your timeline, process, and deliverables at the top before the page breaks out into a quick overview of your top three services and finally moves into more description of those services. There’s so much space to show off how your services will bring value to people’s lives and to show why they can’t live without what you have to offer. Delilah is a beautiful template, but it’s just a starting place. Your website will be completely customized just for you, but I like to pay special attention to customizing the services page so you can really share your offer in-depth.


Your new website has gotten their attention, your offer has proven to solve their problem, and now they’re ready to be in touch. Sometimes contact pages can be flashy and hard to navigate. I don’t want anyone leaving your page before getting in touch, so I’ve kept the contact page simple. A big bold contact form takes up ¾ of the page before sharing ways for them to connect with you via email and social media.

After the contact form is a quick Q&A as a last chance to answer some of those frequently asked questions so you can save time answering questions and instead spend your time serving!

You’ve created the business of your dreams, now let me create the website of your dreams.

Think Delilah is the right aesthetic to create a completely customized, completely you website and brand you can be proud to show off without wasting a ton of time doing it all yourself? Let’s talk about how you can get started with my new service, Branding and Website in a Week!

Visit to fill out a short questionnaire to request your Banding & Website in a Week.

See Delilah in action: View a demo of the Delilah template here.

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Results-Driven Design

By blending aesthetics with strategic design, we’ll make sure that your website not only looks amazing, but has a user-friendly layout that increases inquiries.

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