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Are you starting a new business or revamping your branding? If so, it’s crucial to have the right logo files to use across all your marketing materials.

Why do you need different logo file formats?

To ensure your logo remains true to your brand across multiple platforms, you need various file types with different properties. Each file type offers its own set of benefits and has its own unique purpose, making each a valuable asset to your business.

But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know which files you actually need. 


First off, you’ll want a high-resolution JPEG file. This is a versatile option that can be used on your website, social media profiles, and print materials like business cards and flyers. 

  • Ability to accurately maintain colors and small size
  • Easy to compress and optimize, meaning you can keep your brand visuals looking their best without creating huge files.

2. PNG

Next up is a PNG file. This file type has a transparent background, allowing you to place your logo on top of any background or color scheme without it looking out of place. This is especially useful for digital marketing materials, like email signatures or social media posts. 

  • transparent–allowing you to easily place them on your website and social media graphics
  • Maintain image quality when resized
  • Larger than other file types, such as JPEGs, make them an ideal option when looking for the highest-quality visuals.

3. EPS or Vector

Finally, you’ll need a vector file or EPS file. This type of file is essential for printing your logo on larger items like billboards or company swag. A vector file can be scaled up or down without losing resolution, making sure your logo remains crisp and clear no matter the size. 

  • EPS file allows for editing and scaling without sacrificing quality
  • Perfect for handing off designs to professional designers
  • Crystal clear visuals and never worry about losing out on quality

Having these three types of logo files at the ready will ensure consistency across all of your marketing efforts and provide you with the flexibility to use your logo in any situation. Don’t miss out on potential customers by not having the right logo files! 

In all of my branding packages, I always make sure to include these three logo files for my clients so they have options. If you are DIYing your branding make sure to save copies of your logo as each file type. I also suggest including a color logo, a black logo, and a white logo, in each file type as well. 

Having these options saved on hand makes it easy to add your branding to any scenario quickly.  

In the examples above I used logos I created during Branding & Website in a Week for my client Saren. You can see more of her logo deign, branding strategy, and Showit website that I designed here.


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