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Colors! Colors! Colors! 🎨

Let me just nerd out for a bit here. You all know I love colors! I am obsessed with creating color palettes for brands that perfectly match their passion and purpose. 

Colors have the ability to say so much about your business. Are you high-end? Are you for Kids? Are you an outdoorsy company? Do you value the environment? Are you heart-centered? 

This isn’t a new trend, in fact, color physiology has been used in marketing for years. For a while, every fast-food brand in America was using the color red. Think about that for a moment…I bet immediately at least five fast-food places come to mind. That’s because the color red is said to stimulate your appetite. 
Even large companies reflect on what their branding colors represent. If you need a place to start here are some common color psychology meanings:

Color Psychology Meanings

Red- Passion, power, strength.
Orange- Creativity, adventure, enthusiasm,
Yellow- Confidence, optimism, joy
Green- Harmony, growth, health
Blue- Trust, peace, calm
Purple- Luxury, courage, spirituality

Choosing branding colors for your business can be a daunting task. After all, color has a powerful psychological effect and can shape your customer’s perception of your brand.

My recent client Brittany Miller Socials originally had brand colors of pink, navy blue, and gold but she felt like her branding was blending in and didn’t accurately portray her fun personality. After working together we created a fun color palette that showed her bubbly personality! You can see more about Brittany’s branding project here.

Don’t let choosing your branding colors intimidate you. With these useful tips you can select colors that create a positive and memorable impact. So, let’s get started and uncover the secrets to finding the perfect branding colors.

⭐️Do and don’ts for picking brand colors⭐️

Pick about 4-5 main branding colors
Have one dark color and one light color
Pick one fun accent color
Look at trends to draw inspiration
Pick what feels aligned to you
Make a mood board to find colors that speak to you

Pick colors that clash
Pick colors just because the rest of your industry is using them
Have only 1 or 2 main colors
Don’t use colors solely because of “color Psychology”
Don’t go with overdone color combos

My FAVORITE free resources for colors. 

Adobe Color allows you to upload a photo and extract the color themes. I will often use this tool to upload a client’s moldboard to start creating color pallet ideas. 

Coolers is a free color palette generator. If you are stuck and not sure about the direction you want to go with colors this free resource just might be what you’re looking for! It is a great tool to help brainstorm color ideas. 

Creating branding colors doesn’t have to be a struggle. With the right mindset, you can take an existing color palette and transform it into something that resonates with your brand’s identity. Utilize the tools at hand and gather inspiration from the colors of the world around you. Let your business stand out with colors that capture the essence of your brand and make you memorable. With a little effort and some creativity, your colors will be unique and help your business shine. As Sir Issac Newton once said, “Colors produce a corresponding impression on the soul.” So go ahead, and make your colors work for you.

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