"Hi, my name is Patty Beck, and I am the president and owner of a Balanced Practice, which is an attorney wellbeing consulting business that I started in January of 2022. 

"Your experience and creativity helped bring my vision to life!"

And the reason I started it was because I have struggled with wellbeing myself as an attorney, and I just wanna help other lawyers who may also be struggling with their wellbeing and give them ideas about how to incorporate some good strategies into their personal and professional life so they get a little more enjoyment outta their careers. 

And when I first started thinking about my website and what that would look like, some of my hesitations about, you know, how to start the process or, you know, what would that even be like, were how do I convey my passion to somebody else and then trust them to have my vision come to life on a website? That was something I was really worried about. And I am so grateful that I got connected with Izzy Wait, because her process and just her, you know, as a person, she was such a delight to work with, you know, my fears and my hesitations. 

She put me at ease when I struggled with writing things like website copy, you know, trying to figure out how to articulate what my business was and how to do it, you know, translated into website speak. She gave me articles and encouragement on, on how to do that. And when I, you know, was nervous about what my website would look like or what the photos of me that, I mean, she took beautiful photos of me, but I had moments where I was super self-conscious about how it would all look and how it would all come together.


Custom Career Coach Website

And she just put me at ease. And more than, you know, apart from her talent, which she is so talented, and her process was amazing. 

She's just a lovely human, and she is somebody that is truly passionate about what she's doing. She worked with me, you know, step by step and just wanted to find ways to make my business come to life through my website. You know, she made it a point to sit down with me and we went out on Pinterest and figured out what colors I like and don't like. 

What am what are the logos that I, you know, am I drawn to what, you know, what's the overall kind of feel of my website? And the biggest thing that was so surprising was that she helped me figure out that what I thought I was super excited about actually wasn't what I was excited about at all. 

And she truly helped create a beautiful brand and logo and overall website that was just, I am so proud of. And people have visited my website and I have gotten nothing but just overwhelmingly positive feedback. Not only just about the beautiful design and layout, but just the feeling they get when they come to my website. It's what I wanted them to experience. And I could not have captured that without Izzy. She really does invest in her clients. 

She wants to know you as a person and as a business. And it just, working with her really was something that I am so grateful that I did, and I found myself asking her to do more things that, you know, that I hadn't originally envisioned. 

I asked her to help me design a signature block for my emails. I helped her, or I asked her to help me, you know, create a business card. 

And she came up with four different designs and I, I went with all of them. And she just, she's somebody that really does care and she is so Professional and I just can't recommend her enough. So anybody that's thinking of designing a website, number one, work with a web designer. Number two, work with Izzy. Wait. 

She is amazing and will just really make the experience the best that it could possibly be for you. So thanks. See you later.


"I had no idea how to convey my passion for attorney well-being on a website where people would genuinely feel my passion when they visit it."

Izzy created a beautiful design, logo, and color scheme that completely captured the calming yet professional vibe I was going for!

Her experience and creativity helped bring my vision to life! Izzy took my boring ideas and transformed them into a beautiful interactive experience on my website (which my website visitors LOVE)! She helped me get out of my own way, to let go of what I felt I “needed” to do, and encouraged me to do what I “wanted” to do."

"Trust, collaboration, talent

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