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Check out my best website design resource: the Ultimate Website Prep Checklist and Resource Guide. You can grab yours for free now!

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Your Ultimate Website Prep Checklist 📋

Creating a website involves a bit of pre-work and strategic planning, and I’ve got your back. I’ve compiled a checklist and resource guide that’ll cover everything you need to organize and prep before starting your DIYing website or hiring a website designer.

Let’s talk about a few key items from my Ultimate Website Prep Checklist and Resource Guide that you can’t afford to miss from the ‘Branding & Background’ perspective:

⭐Define Target Audience: Imagine having a cozy coffee date with your dream clients. Who are they? What ignites their passions? Understanding your audience is like having a secret recipe to tailor your website’s content to speak directly to them. It’s all about making them feel right at home.

⭐Identify Main Website Goals: Before you set sail, it’s important to chart your course. Do you want visitors to subscribe to your email list, schedule a call, or snag a product? Mapping out your goals guides you in shaping your website’s layout and content.

⭐Determine Brand Voice: Think of brand voice as the personality that shines through in your written content. It’s the vibe that resonates with your audience. But here’s a tip – sometimes it’s just as important to know what your brand doesn’t say. For instance, your brand might not say phrases like “Girl Boss” or “Find your inner sparkle.”

⭐Font and Colors: Fonts are the unsung heroes of web design. Choosing the right one is a delicate dance between readability and personality. Colors play a massive role too. They influence how your brand is perceived. If you’re ready to dive deeper, check out my preferred color resources listed below.

Here are some of my preferred color resources:

Like this sneak peek of the Checklist? You can snag your copy of the full checklist and resource guide right now for FREE! 🎉

Imagine having crystal-clear clarity for your website project—no more struggling with DIY websites in the midnight hours. Say goodbye to those late-night Google marathons for tech answers. And most importantly, wave farewell to procrastinating on your website dreams!

Everything you need to kickstart your website creation journey is right here!

Inside, you’ll discover:
✨ A handy checklist covering everything you need before diving into website creation.
✨ A resource guide breaking down every step into digestible bits (no overwhelm here!).
✨ A platform comparison to help you choose your website home with absolute confidence.
✨ Expert website legal advice from the amazing @lblegalcreative, plus an exclusive deal!
✨ A curated list of my go-to website copywriters, so you can find the perfect fit for your vibe.

If you find yourself nodding along to any of these scenarios:
🤔 You have been thinking about creating a website but putting it off because it feels too overwhelming?
😰 Have you been wrestling with your DIY website for months, feeling utterly lost?
🤷‍♀️ You want to work with a website designer but are unsure of what you exactly want and how to start preparing?

Then, babe, this was made for you!

Grab your checklist and resource guide for FREE now!

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